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The Vibram Effect

Now that Snuggies have hit the runways, Vibram’s Five Finger collection is next. Just keeping these shoes in stock has become iWantaPair.com’s greatest challenge of 2009! Why so much hype for a shoe that fits your foot like a glove?


Men and Women can now return to barefoot freedom thanks to Vibram's Five Fingers.

Men and Women can now return to barefoot freedom thanks to Vibram's Five Fingers.

You are walking barefoot.

Daniel Lieberman, a professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, states:

“People don’t run barefoot any more simply because they don’t have to,” he said. “The barefoot running movement is wonderful evidence of how good the human foot is for doing one of the most natural and fundamental of all human activities—endurance running…” He continues, “ …barefoot runners can clearly do as well as shoed runners, but it takes time to develop the strength in the foot to use our natural arch fully.” courtesy of The Barefoot Route

You don’t have to possess a survivalist mentality. Sure, sporting the Vibram Five Fingers lets you climb up volcanoes, hike through caves, and walk over rocks without changing footwear. However, for the regular person, who doesn’t have two weeks of vacation saved to gallivant around the world, these glove-fitting shoes can be worn anywhere. For a weekend camping trip, a hot yoga session, or a simple jog, these shoes offer the protection you will need. All you need is feet and a brain to retrain.

Running Example: Vibram Five Fingers keep your heels elevated while forcing to you to land on the center of your foot allowing proper alignment. If you have a wide or narrow foot, these shoes let your toes spread out and have freedom, unlike a normal running shoe.

Odd looking, yes, but Vibram’s Five Fingers’ structure gives them a universal use. It’s so simple, creating a shoe that imitates walking barefoot, why are these now so hot on the market? My conclusion? Vibram opened a door where other outdoor shoe companies weren’t willing to take a risk. Huh. So people will go against the grain if it’s logical…

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